Srinivasa Rao

Srinivasa Rao

Postdoctoral research associate

University of Oxford


Hi! I am a a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Oxford, in the Nuffield Dept. of Surgical Sciences. I am interested in cancer biology, with current focus on cancer bioinformatics. However, I love and and continue to be involved in projects involving cell and molecular biology, and I have had extensive research experience in the wet lab. Outside the lab, I dabble in fun personal projects involving a Raspberry Pi, baking and gardening.


  • Cancer genomics
  • Prostate cancer
  • Tumour evolution


  • PhD in Surgical Sciences (prostate cancer), 2014

    University of Oxford

  • MS by Research in Cancer Biology, 2010

    Indian Institute of Technology Madras

  • MBBS, 2006

    Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research






Molecular biology

Cell biology



Postdoctoral research associate

University of Oxford

Oct 2016 – Present Oxford

Responsibilities include:

  • Setting up bioinformatic pipelines
  • Cancer bioinformatics (genomic and transcriptomic analysis)
  • Tumour evolution
  • Sample and NGS library preparation
  • Supervision of undergraduate and postgraduate students

Postdoctoral research associate

University of Oxford

Oct 2015 – Sep 2016 Oxford
High-throughput phenotypic screens to identify microRNA drivers of epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT)

Postdoctoral research assistant

University of Oxford

Oct 2014 – Sep 2015 Oxford
Development of an ex-vivo model of cancer bone metastasis

Recent Posts

Snowflakes (generative)

Load packages library(plotrix) library(gsl) library(RColorBrewer) library(data.table) Set the background of the graphics device to black and generate a vector of colours. par(bg = "black") colours <- brewer.pal(10, "Set3") Make necessary functions A regular polygon of n sides By default, this function draws the polygon and returns a data.

Updates to Animapp

In 2019, we published a paper about Animapp, which is a piece of software we developed to aid in the analysis of movement in small animals. I am pleased to say that I have finally updated the software to make installation and use much easier.

Making a personal (academic) website using Blogdown

Here, I used instructions from 2 different sources, 1) the blogdown website and 2) the documentation for the Hugo Academic theme. First install the Blogdown package in R: library(blogdown) Navigate to the directory where your website files will reside on your computer,

Petitions in the UK Parliament

Are all petitions with at least 100,000 signatures debated in the UK parliament? In case you haven’t heard, there is a petition to withdraw the invitation for a state visit that Theresa May extended to Donald Trump.

The Birthday Problem

What is it? The Birthday Problem describes the probability of a pair of individuals sharing the same birthday, in a sample of n individuals. In our group of 75 students in med school, 2 or 3 pairs of us shared the exact same birthday (day and month).

Recent & Upcoming Talks

Handling data frames the data.table way

A workshop on the usage of the data.table package in R

Regex in R

A talk I gave at the R users group Oxford meeting

Recent Publications

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Detailed Molecular and Immune Marker Profiling of Archival Prostate Cancer Samples Reveals an Inverse Association between TMPRSS2:ERG Fusion Status and Immune Cell Infiltration

Prostate cancer is a significant global health issue, and limitations to current patient management pathways often result in …

Modeling the Human Bone–Tumor Niche: Reducing and Replacing the Need for Animal Data

Bone is the most common site for cancer metastasis. Understanding the interactions within the complex, heterogeneous bone–tumor …

Transcriptomic and Functional Screens Reveal MicroRNAs That Modulate Prostate Cancer Metastasis

Identifying new mechanisms that underlie the complex process of metastasis is vital to combat this fatal step in prostate cancer (PCa) …

Multiple myeloma increases nerve growth factor and other pain-related markers through interactions with the bone microenvironment

Interactions between multiple myeloma (MM) and bone marrow (BM) are well documented to support tumour growth, yet the cellular …

Small Animal Video Tracking for Activity and Path Analysis Using a Novel Open-Source Multi-Platform Application (AnimApp)

Experimental biological model system outcomes such as altered animal movement capability or behaviour are difficult to quantify …


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