animal models

Updates to Animapp

In 2019, we published a paper about Animapp, which is a piece of software we developed to aid in the analysis of movement in small animals. I am pleased to say that I have finally updated the software to make installation and use much easier.

Modeling the Human Bone–Tumor Niche: Reducing and Replacing the Need for Animal Data

Bone is the most common site for cancer metastasis. Understanding the interactions within the complex, heterogeneous bone–tumor microenvironment is essential for the development of new therapeutics. Various animal models of tumor-induced bone disease …

Small Animal Video Tracking for Activity and Path Analysis Using a Novel Open-Source Multi-Platform Application (AnimApp)

Experimental biological model system outcomes such as altered animal movement capability or behaviour are difficult to quantify manually. Existing automatic movement tracking devices can be expensive and imposing upon the typical environment of the …